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[RELEASE] AutoTheme 1.7 Beta 1!  
Posted by: Shawn on Thursday, August 28, 2003 - 07:06 PM
Nearly Universal HTML Theme System!

AutoTheme 1.7 Beta 1 has been released. Please submit bugs so I can swiftly release the free GPL AT-Lite .7. I've skipped from 1.5 to 1.6 because of feature additions, then I rewrote much of the code to include compatibility libraries for PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, eNvolution and MD-Pro for 1.7. User docs will come next and then an API reference. Themes will be usable across 1.7 and Lite .7 versions! Read on for features...

Full feature list soon...

Screen Shots
- shared code-base with compatibilty libraries for eNvolution, MD-Pro, PHP-Nuke, PostNuke
- portable theme commands and configs (themes work with all listed platforms)
- custom module options
- improved admin interface
- templates for tables
- color picker in admin
- wysiwyg editor for templates in admin
- AutoPrint for printer friendly themes
- html 4.01 compliant output (from AutoTheme commands)
- theme information editor (name, description, version, author, contact) which can be included as comments in your theme output
- commands by user type: all, admin, anonymous, loggedin
- extra commands can be developed and added to extras/ dir
- extras (plugins) can be developed and added to extras/ dir
- extensive theme and template API for modules
- different summary and article templates definable for *HomePage, News and News with any options
- shared and custom language files for themes
- all news commands included
- faster rendering
- template compiling and caching

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