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Apple series themes for AT-Lite  
Posted by: JP on Wednesday, August 20, 2003 - 06:01 PM
Apple series themes are expandable for different resolutions. 100% width above 800X600.

Themes are based roughly on the look of some Apple operating systems and graphics.

Demo at: Theme Demo
They come in a zip file with:
* Short URLS with .html extensions
* Photoshop files
* Image blanks
* Extra backgrounds (background tester on demo site)
* Realtime Jscript clock: weekday, date, seconds, internet time
* Some have rollover buttons which can be deleted without affecting the theme

These are PostNuke themes. PHP-Nuke versions will be out soon if there is any interest.
Custom colors, backgrounds etc may be done on request.

BlueApple is complete.
GreenApple is complete.
RedApple is 25%
LiteGreyApple is 25%
MultiApple is 25%

Other colors are being considered.

IE: yes
Netscape: yes
Mozilla: yes
Opera: yes
Width: 100%
Note: Thanks JP!

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