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[RELEASE] AutoTheme 1.5 BETA 1 for PostNuke  
Posted by: Shawn on Tuesday, July 29, 2003 - 03:57 AM

O.K. here it is for registered purchasers of AutoTheme 1.0! Get it in the Downloads section. There is a new category for AutoTheme 1.5 and a sub-category for Betas.

If you don't see these categories, then you didn't purchase while registered and logged-in. No problem. Send a reply to your purchase receipt email to 'autotheme AT mckenzies DOT net' and include your Spidean username.


- Custom Module options!
- All News module commands included!
- Faster rendering!
- Template compiling and caching!
- Templates for tables!
- Color picker in admin!
- WYSIWYG editor for templates in admin (*experimental)!
- AutoPrint for printer friendly themes!
- HTML 4.01 compliant output (from AutoTheme commands)!
- Theme information editor (name, description, version, author, contact) which can be included as comments in your theme output!

- You can create a Custom Module as before and it will be labeled 'default'.
- You can also create a Custom Module with Module Options (something in the URL that differentiates this module page from the other pages of the same module).

Example 1 (Downloads): To create a Custom Module for the Downloads in Category 1, the Module Options would be cid=1. You can get this info by viewing the URL of the page that you want to create a Custom Module for.

Example 2 (News): To create a Custom Module when listing all articles in a specific topic, such as when you go to modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index&catid=&topic=2, you would use topic=2 as your Module Options.

Example 3 (legal): For the Terms of Use, the Module options could be file=index and for the Privacy Policy the Module Options could be file=privacy.

You can also combine the options to make it even more unique and flexible, for example file=somefile&option=10. Whatever you want to use from the URL to customize that page.

NEW COMMAND STRUCTURE (only for News at this time)

All of the previous commands will still work, but there is a new nomenclature for all commands.

text:command will display text of that command (i.e. text:topicimage displays the filename someimage.gif for that topic). You use this as text and can surround it with any formatting tags, styles, etc.

html:command will display preformatted HTML (i.e. html:searchtopic displays the Anchor and Image tags to display that image and when clicked, displays that topic page sometopic )

url:command will display the text of the URL for that command (i.e. url:searchtopic displays the text of the URL only, modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index&catid=&topic=1). You can use this in your own Anchor tags.

Any Module specific commands will be prefixed with the module name (i.e. News commands are news:text:command, news:html:command and news:url:command.


print-link (link for printer friendly page)
table-content (where to display content in your table)

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