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AT-MX for AutoTheme Lite .6  
Posted by: ajones on Monday, July 28, 2003 - 02:22 PM
I've made AT-MX Compatible with AutoTheme Lite .6 so that a separate purchase of AutoTheme is not needed. I hope that this will encourage more people to purchase the theme.

If you've already purchased AT-MX and would like a copy that is AutoTheme Lite Compatible, e-mail Aaron.

If you would like to purchase AT-MX that is AutoTheme Lite Compatible, click here.
The Theme does have several updates and has many more coming.

Some of the improvements include more module templates and code enhancements. Other updates that are in progress include better directory layout, more sub-templates (pending the release of AutoTheme 1.5 Pro), fix the 800*600 width issue, and more.

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