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More Explanations on PostWrap 2.0  
Posted by: shawn on Tuesday, October 08, 2002 - 04:37 PM
Based on some support questions, here is further explanation on the use of PostWrap 2.0.
  • The module must be initialized and activated.
  • It is configurable via the administration panel.
  • Upgrade requires the DELETION of all old PostWrap files!
  • URL security = ON is default (meaning any URL that you call with PostWrap must be added in the URL Security section in administration) so:

    * you must either turn URL Security OFF, or add the URL that you want to call to the URL Security section.

  • The URL security only applies to the page you load initially. All pages linked from that page are allowed.
  • Autoresize may work better if you set the Length of viewing window to 0 (zero)
Note: There is an install.txt that explains most of this and more.

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