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Modified AutoTheme Lite to get More Multilanguage  
Posted by: tunidev on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 - 01:21 AM
How to modify AutoTheme .6 Lite to really get more multilanguage support for your site? I'll explain how to do that simply...
When you have a multilanguage website with a graphical theme, it's a problem to make your theme output the right image according to your language (i.e. if you have a graphical search button and you have Arabic/English/French enabled website).

The easy way is to modify AutoTheme to link to a different image according to language. To do that we have modified the autotheme.inc.php file (get it from here ), you must replace the original one by this one. Now go to the themes/yourtheme/images/ directory, make a subdirectory named as the abbreviation of your language(i.e. eng, ara, fra...), and put specific images for each language in the corresponding subdirectory. That's all. Your website is a little more multilanguage.

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