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Themes: AutoTheme Version of Connections Theme Available for Download Now!  
Posted by: vworld on Friday, May 20, 2005 - 07:11 PM

The AutoTheme version of the WordPress Connections theme is ready to download. The theme won the Grand Poobah prize in the Word Press theme contest. The theme has nice colors and a great image at the top. The theme is two columns with a right side nav bar.

You can get the AT verstion of the theme from our downloads section! Registration is required to download.

Note the theme works with AutoTheme and comes with a new ATCommand: 'briefpostdate' => 'echo $info["briefdate"];', The file is included and should replace the ATCommands file in the AutoTheme module.

You can see a demo of it here: http://www.designs4nuke.com/726/

Customizing the Theme's Look/Feel
Would you like to change the look/feel of a free theme? We've got the solution for you. And we started by creating additional header styles for the GPL based theme Connections

If you are interested in customizing the theme the please visit Shop4Themes.com where you can buy customized headers. And if any of the headers fit your style all you have to do is replace the image in your theme and voila, you have a new look.

Note, we are selling additional header images only, the original theme is FREE

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