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Announcements: Release: AT-Lite .8  
Posted by: Shawn on Friday, July 16, 2004 - 09:38 PM
The free GPL AT-Lite .8 AutoTheme HTML Theme System has been released for MD-Pro, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, CPG-Nuke and eNvolution!

New features:

- New professional administration interface!
- Unlimited AutoBlock positions!
- Separate AutoBlocks for each individual theme!
- Separate custom commands for each individual theme!
- Module Options to customize each and every module page!
- Separate Custom Blocks for each individual Custom Module!
- Multilanguage block titles in image directory or using language defines!
- Template compiling to cut page execution time in half!
- 36 page User Guide!
- Extras (plug-in) architecture!
- Plus much more that I can't remember!

The following Extras are included:

- AutoURLs search engine optimized URLs!
- Change page title, keywords and description for each and every page!
- AutoTheme administration bar!
- Automatic RTL for RTL languages!
- AutoPrint printer friendly themes!
- Display any block by its title!
- Automatically use images for block titles!
- Custom site entry page!
- Favorite icon!
- Display page render time!
- Include theme version information in themes!
- Change themes on a specific date!
- Change themes at a specific time of the day!

Download it Here

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User Manual:
- View HTML
- Download PDF

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