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Posted by: lobos on Wednesday, May 19, 2004 - 04:34 PM
Webvida ThemeWorks has undergone extensive changes in the last few months and I am happy to say that we are almost finished the new site. Be sure to check out some of the dhtml concepts I have integrated with the theme, especially the frontpage news items - very cool, very effective for saving space. These DHTML pop windows are limitless in number and can be used anywhere.
The potential that DHTML holds for streamlining CMS information output is staggering and I believe understated due to the complexity involved in implementing it for static "not nuked" sites. Take for example the above mentioned front page news items; the DHTML script that powers this concept was created by Sharon Paine of http://www.dyn-web.com/ and is freely available to use for your website (to distribute commercially a special license must be purchased). Basically what it does is define a set of seperate layers which can be rendered visible or invisible as required and was designed primarily as a tool to display "tooltip" type information when you hover over a link and hide it when you hover off (same concept as alt tags).

The great thing about this script is the fact that the information these layers contain can be added as normal HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS, etc and by utilising the CMS data delivery charactersitics you can do all sorts of things. I decided to implement this in the news summary items on the front page of my site so that the actual summary was on the invisible layer and only the title link of the news item was showing, this link was the "trigger" for the javascript function that brings the invisible layer to the front so when someone clicked on the link a "window" would appear displaying the data of the summary. By modifying the original script I was able to make this action look very similair to the way popups work with windows, but without the hassle...

You are very welcome to check out the new site and have a look at my amazing news summary popups, who knows? you might even find a few free themes floating around ;)

Kindest regards,

Webvida ThemeWorks
Webvida was founded September, 2002 by Adam Docherty (aka Lobos) and has since concentrated on providing open source CMS users with affordable yet professional design systems for their software.

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