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Themes: W-Injection Released  
Posted by: MASsIVE on Monday, January 05, 2004 - 12:16 AM
.: W-Injection :. is a self supplying design, it has the effect to be nurturing itself through the wires and tubes coming out its head. The design has a slick wire, tube, gradient and accent look. The theme has an integrated banner look, corresponding tubes run through the blocks and footer.

.: Screenshot :.
Theme Labs :.

Commercial Theme
Available in 100% width now also.

Includes 9 psd files and 5 topic icons: Header Links, sitename and or logo, topic icon and right block image title.

Hopefully if time permits we can have it converted for the following:

PostNuke: 100% width & 770px released
MD-Pro: 100% width & 770px released
PHPNuke: 770px and 100% width (Processing)
(PHPNuke users will need Auto Theme 1.7 or Auto Theme Lite .7 for this one) :p

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