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Perspectives: eNvolution "A Pathetic Little Project"  
Posted by: Shawn on Monday, December 08, 2003 - 04:36 AM
It's sad to say, but: eNvolution is dying a slow painful death. With under 300 registered users and not even 1000 posts in their forums, it's hard to see how they will be around next year.

The most recent news by Zoom, "Policy Regarding Commercial Theme Submissions", states that they will no longer post any theme news that isn't promoting Encompass theme type system for eNvolution.

But wait, there's more! Read on...
Zoom goes on to state, "The reason many in our community have adopted third party free and commercial theme system addons is because of a shortage of quality Encompass themes." No shit, it sucks and nobody wants to invest their time in it. So instead of trying to eliminate choices and force those that use eNvo to use Encompass, why not make Encompass better so that users want to use it? Then no one will want to use the "third party"!

I don't expect to see eNvo around much into 2004, but rest assured that all AutoTheme users of any CMS will receive the same support and attention. I would urge all eNvo users to step back and evaluate what they are using and what the development team of eNvo is all about. The innovators have left the project!

I and several others have posted respectful, tasteful comments to the article by Zoom. The comments have been deleted and commenting has been disabled. Hmmm... How's that for a community to be proud of?

I don't hold any allegiances. I have a CMS that I have used and continue to use for my sites and I am an active member of the development community for a totally different CMS that I am very proud of and think is great and has a great community. If anyone has any questions and wants my opinions on what is the best CMS for you, given your needs and what you expect from the developers and community, drop me a line. I will give you unbiased advice based on your needs. Sorry, eNvo will never be the recommendation.

This just got under my skin, as a good friend and one of the predominate and most talented theme designers for the Nukes has been shunned by Zoom and eNvo and they have taken a monopoly stance, even though they are by far the least popular. I really don't see this as a positive move and see it only contributing to and hastening the already eminent death of eNvo.

Maybe more later :)

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