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What are the Templates?

These templates contain raw Adobe PhotoShop and Macromedia Fireworks graphics and exported HTML and GIFS and/or JPEGS. You can use the provided HTML and images or customize the raw graphic templates and export as HTML from PhotoShop or Fireworks. Either way, just tweak the HTML to your liking, add some AutoTheme commands and you have an awesome theme! These are not functional themes. They are great looking, professional starting points for your theme.

If you aren't comfortable with modifying the template and turning it into an AutoTheme, there are many people in the PostNuke community that do fabulous work for a small fee. You can attract them at postnuke.com or we can recommend several where we have seen their work.

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Are the Templates fully functional themes?

No. The Templates are not fully functional themes. They contain the raw graphics for use in PhotoShop and Fireworks, and contain exported HTML and GIF and/or JPEG images.

You can use the provided HTML and images for your theme, but you will need some HTML experience to turn these into a fully functional AutoTheme.

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