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Preview: LEXeTheme10 - Release: LEXeTheme9  
Posted by: lexebus.net on Saturday, October 04, 2003 - 03:19 PM
As I recently released my first release candidate for xTopics. This release is the first of a few more to complete my task as anounced before: to create a multisite type theme with more multilingual features.

Both themes are based on AutoTheme Lite .6, and will only work with PostNuke (if someone wants to help me do the coding I will release it to other CMSs as well).

Since I have hacked the AutoTheme configs, it was needed to create hacks outside the theme's folder and I did not want that if the theme was to be released to the public.

LEXeTheme 9 is not a beauty, its ment as a tutorial for myslef and others to create a multitheme installation with only one theme installed. Using the css-file(s) and images to make different looks of different topics, download categories, weblink categories, htmlpages and so on. Not only different images when changing module, but also within modules. LEXeTheme 9: DEMO (as released) or DEMO 2 (original) and DOWNLOAD
LEXeTheme 10: To reach what I did here, I had to create a small hack to /includes/pnAPI.php (best seen when changing categories inside Downloads) and a different hack as released ealier as LogoImageHack from my site. I created a new global called themecolor, but it could also be called themename or something. A lot of functionality is found by combining the css file with PHP-code.

I added a lot of mulilingual hacks to both modules and Autotheme which for all my themes are the cornerstone.

This theme is with better colors, and if excluding the comments module, I can combine all Postnuke.com subsite themes within this theme.

LEXeTheme 10 is actually ready for release, but I will wait a bit to get reactions from my own community, and let the members test and try it first. It will also come with heavy documentation, to describe what is to be done.

First I actually decided to release this as a commercial theme (my first if so), but I have decided to go against the rising greed of thi s community by saying: Knowledge through Networking
I will give free support in the forums.

Demo of pnAPI changes: Downloads and Downloads category 1

Look at the image inside the module also changing. This could also have been text changing.

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