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Template 1977 conversion  
Posted by: JP on Monday, September 01, 2003 - 05:08 AM
I have just converted template 1977. It is not for sale but can be seen here

It has been completely redone but kept the main elements I wanted (header and Footer). I put the news on the home page at the bottom. I would like comments on that and anything else you don't like. I can do other conversions on request. Just use the contact form Here

There is a Flash version of this theme as well.
The old version template 2086 is available for purchase. I converted template 1977 but I had previously converted 2086 for the same site but it just wasn't right for the site.I am going to rework 2086 for PostNuke AT Lite in case anyone wants it. I will charge a small fee plus of course you have to purchase the template.

It will come with:

-Photoshop files,
-Flash (FLA and SWF and Swish files) I redid the Flash in Swish
-Selection of web elements ( bullets, arrows and extra miscellaneous elements)
-Complete HTML pages for editing
-100+ royalty free fonts
-Short URLS for AT Lite

If you are interested use the contact form Here

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