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Template 2726 AutoTheme Integration!  
Posted by: lobos on Friday, August 01, 2003 - 03:40 AM

I have just completed the conversion of template 2726 to Autotheme. This basically demonstrates the power of AutoTheme - I don't think I could have pulled this of without it and I am once again overwhelmed by the possibilites AutoTheme has created for Postnuke. Check it out!
Once upon a time I used to have to create a layout in FWMX then embedd it into the gammey theme.php file, there was no way for me to preview what was happening until I had virtually completed the theme - many times I almost cried when it "just wouldn't work". Now I make the layout in FWMX, send it over to dreamweaver for tweeking and whola, wicked theme!

Thank you Shawn.

Kindest regards,
Note: Kick ass! Great work!

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