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AutoTheme and PHP-Nuke . . .  
Posted by: Shawn on Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - 03:54 AM
I will this week release a Beta of AutoTheme 1.5 for the PostNuke CMS. I hope shortly thereafter to release a similar Beta for PHP-Nuke. I write to you because the future of AutoTheme for PHP-Nuke is somewhat cloudy (much like PHP-Nuke itself). The "Nuke" forks, though they have their bumps in the road, have been steadily making progress, the foremost area being the theme system. PHP-Nuke is the exception. I haven't heard nor seen anything indicating an improvement in the theme system for PHP-Nuke (or anything for that matter), except AutoTheme. F.B. since my first news posting about AutoTheme, has been unwilling to post any of my news or reply to any of my emails or PMs.
So, in short, I am calling on all who use and love AutoTheme, the free GPL version or the commercial version, to post news about AutoTheme, news and downloads for new themes that you have created using AutoTheme and/or links to sites that use AutoTheme. Post these anywhere and everywhere, and definitely on the phpnuke.org site.

Thanks again, and please get the word out so that I can keep developing and supporting AutoTheme for the PHP-Nuke community!

New features if there is interest:

- Custom Module sub-pages (define custom modules based on detailed criteria, i.e. section, topic, etc..)
- Template caching for improved performance
- AutoURLs (search friendly URLs)
- Printer friendly pages
- Theme portability between PostNuke and PHP-Nuke
- More that you will see in the PostNuke Beta!


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