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LEXeTheme 9 Preview - responses and help requested  
Posted by: lexebus.net on Wednesday, July 23, 2003 - 02:51 AM
I am working on a project and have created this similar concept theme, where my first priority has been to have a solution with 1 frontpage, and 6 concept frontpages.
Each of the concepts will show news meant for that concept alone, and the menu (if added) will be in the same background colors as the concepts. I am still working to get a css file to collaborate with the ContentExpress module's collapsible menu so I can create different colors. If anyone could help me there it would be great.
I have made a new block which I will release when itís done, to put news articles in a block - showing both titles and summary text (hometext). If anyone can help me with Multilanguage in this block I would be very happy as well. Preview HERE. Finally I would like to set up a little competitive game: When this theme is finished, I will release it for free. And when I do, I will ask those who would be in for it, to create a similar concept theme using Xanthia, AutoTheme or the old PostNuke way. This for the sole purpose to be able to create the best solution, not to se if one engine or way of theming is better than the other.

Franz Skaaning, LEXeBus.NET

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