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Theme Templates for AutoTheme  
Posted by: Shawn on Thursday, July 10, 2003 - 08:19 PM
I have added a section for you to browse professional graphics templates for use with AutoTheme. This is probably the best way to create a fantastic and unique theme for your site.

Customize the templates to your needs, export to HTML, add some AutoTheme commands and you're all set! Or, use the HTML and images that have already been exported and are included with the template!

Check it out here: Templates
Download a sample here: Sample Template
If you aren't comfortable with modifying the template and turning it into an AutoTheme, there are many people in the PostNuke community that do fabulous work for a small fee. You can attract them at postnuke.com or I can recommend several where I have seen their work.
Note: These work equally well with AutoTheme 1.0 and AT-Lite.

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