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AutoTheme Lite: Command for Multilanguage [logo-image]  
Posted by: lexebus.net on Friday, July 04, 2003 - 04:37 PM
I just thought I would like to have a different logo-image set by the language as well. So I made this hack to commands.inc.php.

What it does - and what it wants....

It lets you use the logo-images as always. So if you don't do anything extra - nothing extra is done. You see what you have always been seeing.

But if have an image called "eng-logo.gif" and you are displaying the page in English language. You are showing the other logo-image file instead.

Demo: www.LEXeBus.NET

What to look for: the logo in the top left corner - it changes when changing language.
Change the $command for [logo-image] to this:

$command['[logo-image]'] = '
if ($logoimg && file_exists($imgpath.$language."-".$logoimg)) {'
.'echo "\\n" ; }
elseif ($logoimg && file_exists($imgpath.$logoimg)) {'
.'echo "\\n" ; }';
Note: Thanks bud!

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