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LEXeTheme 6 - with Module Images  
Posted by: lexebus.net on Tuesday, June 10, 2003 - 01:17 AM
On my site LEXeBus.NET you will find my latest theme development. I am only a few problems away from releasing it to the public.

The theme is currently being used as the default theme, so go to the site - there it is.

This will be my 6th theme release in a row of over 3000 downloaded LEXeThemes. I will call it LEXeTheme 6. The public release will be with a bit different colors than the one I'm using, since I like it so much and being sure this will be the layout of LEXeBus.NET for a while.
While doing these themes I found that some of the modules I am using are not really fitted to go with multi-theme sites. So I started to look for a way to add the possibility to have some preferred images like logos in the theme folder. I wanted to be able to decide to use a different logo in the module from the theme.

I am happy to announce that the hack has been made, partly inspired in the forums of this site.

So when using this hack, the theme creator is able to create theme color tailored logos for these modules and even adding language support as well. The logo has to be put in a certain folder in the theme folder, and be called whatever the module name is followed by the language code and be either gif, png or jpg. The beauty: if it's not there, the standard module based image or text is shown.
Note: Thanks for sharing your themes!

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