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LEXeTheme 3.3 - before release - I need feedback  
Posted by: lexebus.net on Friday, May 09, 2003 - 08:56 PM
I changed the default theme for postnuke.lexebus.net to my latest version of LEXeTheme3. This has by far been the largest upgrade, and before I release it for download, I would like to get feedback. As LEXeTheme3 has been the most popular theme, I am also happy to hear any comments on the changes of the layouts from the first release. All the colours have been moved to style.css, and I have tried all types of modules to see if the colours changes drasticly.
I use a slighlty changed AutoTheme Lite 0.6, and I used Nuclei as well, but that should not be needed to run the Theme.

In the left of the top bar, I put the Logo-image wich I made a lot of different gifs for, so it changes apperance when ever modules are visited. If more are needed, please let me know, I'll make them ready for download with the final release.

Finally some people complained about the width of the first releases, so I changed the size of the background and the table to fit on 800x600 resolutions screen.
Note: Thanks for the themes!

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