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Announcements: AutoTheme - Block Title Letters Extra!  
Posted by: Shawn on Friday, May 05, 2006 - 08:15 PM
Great new AutoTheme Extra!
Do you want to automatically use some great fonts or graphically rich letters in your block title? If so, this new AutoTheme Extra is just for you. The new Extra, Block Title Letters goes beyond the current Block Titles Extra that automatically include images to use as block titles and allows you to use language defines as titles for blocks. This new Extra automatically uses an image for each letter in your block title!

Download here!

Block Title Letters
This Extra when enabled, will automatically include images to use as each letter in your block titles.

If a gif, jpg or png image exists for each letter in the block title then it will be used. This is straight forward for all alphanumeric characters, so if you had L.gif, o.gif, g.gif, i.gif and n.gif in your images/ directory then they would be used for the title of the Login block. This operation is case sensitive, so for Login you would need L.gif and not l.gif.

For non-alphanumeric characters you just use the 3 digit decimal ASCII code of that character. For example a space would be 032.gif and a colon : would be 072.gif. These are easily found on the web by searching for "ascii table" or "ascii codes".

AutoTheme looks for the images in "themes/YOURTHEME/images/CURRENTLANG/" first and then if not found it looks in "themes/YOURTHEME/images/".


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