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Announcements: New AutoTheme HTML Theme System releases!  
Posted by: Shawn on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 - 09:24 PM
The revolution continues! New versions of the defacto AutoTheme HTML Theme System, both commercial AutoTheme and the free GPL AT-Lite!

AutoTheme 1.77 and AT-Lite .87 have been released. The PostNuke and PHP-Nuke versions have been released with the osC, CRE Loaded and MD-Pro versions updated soon. This release fixes the remaining bugs and ports the stable code of the commercial AutoTheme into AT-Lite in for new functionality in the next version.

As I hastily promised in my last news, I hope to have the stand-alone version out this week. Also, due to popular request, I will try and release a version of AutoTheme that works with any theme, even legacy themes! Why would you want this? You can run all of the AutoTheme Extras with any theme!

For those that are new to AutoTheme, it is the defacto standard theme system supporting many of the top CMSs and shopping cart systems. Thousands of free and commercial themes are available.

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