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[RELEASE] AutoTheme 1.0 for PHP-Nuke!  
Posted by: Shawn on Sunday, March 02, 2003 - 12:47 AM

Next generation AutoTheme HTML Theme System for PHP-Nuke!

Create themes in HTML using your favorite editor, with no use of PHP!

  • Full administration interface!
  • Unlimited block positions (AutoBlocks)!
  • Customize every part of your PHP-Nuke site!
  • Configure which blocks display and where, for each page!

Read more for more features!


  • Custom themes for each Module and Home page, Admin pages, User pages!
  • Custom themes for Left Blocks, Right Blocks, Center Up, Center Down and AutoBlocks!
  • Custom themes for individual blocks by name!
  • Control colors, style sheets and head content for every page!
  • All bug fixes from the Betas!
  • All needed files packaged as a module!
  • Faster execution and render time!
Also included:
  • Command editor!
  • Language editor!

Search Engine Friendly URLs coming soon...
Demo site coming soon...

Tested with PHP-Nuke 5.6 and 6.0

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