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Posted by: Shawn on Monday, February 10, 2003 - 03:24 AM
Just finishing up testing and documentation on AutoTheme 1.0.

New screen shots in the Gallery.

Here's the new feature list:
  • Full administration interface!

  • Unlimited block positions (AutoBlocks)!

  • Display specific blocks by name!

  • Command editor!

  • Language editor!

  • In addition to custom themes for modules: custom theme configuration for Home Page, User pages and Administration pages!

  • All bug fixes from the Betas!

  • All needed files packaged as a module!

  • Faster execution and render time!

You've not seen anything like this in the CMS world. Totally user oriented theme design! I have many other great features to add, but need to finish this up, get it tested and released. I'll add the new features in coming releases.

Stay tuned for details...

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