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Posted by: imran on Saturday, May 21, 2005 - 06:24 PM
After a long delay mypntheme would like to announce a new PostNuke - theme Bollyheat, this theme is orange in color and is AutoTheme compatible.

You can preview the theme here.

The theme is small, i.e just 13kb zipped, which means it loads pretty fast. You can very easilly customize the theme by editing theme.html. Also you can place your own top banner, logo and other company related information!

This theme is for family/home/entertainment related sites, the colors are carefully choosen so it fits in to the above category, but it can be used for other category of site as well, depends on webmaster's choice of themes, there are hundreds of theme's to be downloaded from mypnthemes.com.

You can download this theme here Note: Registration is needed to access the downloads area!

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