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Themes: Section 508 W3C XHTML Compliant CSS Theme  
Posted by: lobos on Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - 08:36 PM

Webvida ThemeWorks are happy to announce the release of a new commercial theme.

This Product is w3c XHTML Strict valid, w3c CSS Compliant and aspires to Section 508 of the rehabilitation act. With guaranteed uniform display in all major browsers (internet explorer, netscape, firefox and opera) you can be confident that all users can enjoy your website without embarrasing display "issues".

Webvida is committed to providing professional themes that reflect standards compliance requirements as laid donw by the w3c and many world governments.

NOTE: All theme XHTML and CSS is W3C validated Section 508 Compliant. You website will not validate if it contains non valid code from modules, blocks, etc.

  • Attractive transparent dhtml popboxes

  • Pure CSS Non tabular design with information load optimised for search engines (no tables were used (or harmed) in the design of this theme.

  • Macromedia Fireworks MX Template Included with full image integrity intact, this means it is very, very easy to modify this theme - just make your changes and export to the theme image folder

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Template Included for ease of implementation to software skin systems

  • Several different template layouts included to diversify layout

This theme loads very fast and in the right way - if you are using firefox, visit the demo below and click view -> page style -> no-style in the firefox toolbar :: see how the main data loads first with login and navigational elements loading last. This is a major requirement of Section 508 and other accessibiltiy guidelines, also it means that google will like your site very, very much ;)

Demo (Note the iwebdesign team has made several modifications to the original distribution, however these changes are only minor).

Webvida, the technological cutting edge - While others flounder in yesterdays technique, we constantly roam the path of prototype, always innovative, never afraid to look past orthodox. We set the standard that others are measured by. Then we break the rules...

Webvida ThemeWorks :: Your CMS Theme Design Specialists.

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