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Announcements: AutoTheme 1.7 for osCommerce!  
Posted by: Shawn on Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - 01:46 AM
AutoTheme  1.7 for osCommerce! The much anticipated AutoTheme HTML Theme System version 1.7 has been released for osCommerce!

After the wildly popular free AT-Lite for osCommerce, we wanted to get the full-featured version right.  No bugs, no hassle!

+ Fully templated site!

+ Full admin with complete control of every Box!

+ Customize every page in your site with ease!

+ Run thousands of free and commercial AutoTheme themes by just uploading them to your OSC site and selecting one in a dropdown box!

+ No file editing, no need for PHP, HTML, nothing!

+ However, if you wish, themes are completely customizable just using your favorite HTML editor!  No code hacking!

+ Many plugins called Extras (and more coming) to extend the functionality of your site!

+ Fully supported!  Forum support and free or discounted upgrades!  We haven't charged for an upgrade since AutoTheme's inception over 2 years ago!

Buy it!

See the screen shots of the admin here

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