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NukeWrap 1.0 Fix...  
Posted by: shawn on Monday, December 30, 2002 - 09:31 PM
The NukeWrap zip has been updated to resolve a small JavaScript issue with the auto resize. The documentation has also been updated to outline several known issues.
  • auto-resize only works with a small hack to the PHP-Nuke footer.php in the foot() function around line 71, comment out die(); to read //die();

  • If you receive odd characters or garbled output, try setting use-compression and/or use-buffering to false.

  • When using special characters (i.e. & % @ :) in the page variable in the address bar and sometimes in the URL Security settings, you must translate the characters to their ASCII hex value preceded by a %. The ? is %3F and & is %26.





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