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Announcements: MD-Pro 1.0.7 final release  
Posted by: Shawn on Sunday, October 10, 2004 - 03:08 AM
Here we go! Finally, the latest and ultimate release of MDPro 1.0.7 is ready.

This package contains the procedure for a fresh installation and also the procedure of upgrading from previous version of MD-Pro of course -(RC excluded), from Postnuke 71x-72x-75x, from phpnuke and, if still anyone is still using it, from Envolution 125FLS.

Thanks to your feedback we have found and corrected a lot of bugs.
Since we'd modified many files, probably all of them, we decided to release a complete package.

For the ones who want to upgrade from a previous version of MD-Pro, including from RC and RC2, we strongly suggest you overwrite all the files but the directory /config and /upload. Don't forget to make a backup of your site and database before upgrading, and, of course, read the instructions carefully to correctly install the package.

This is the latest and last version of the 1.0x series.

Starting from the next series 1.1x, as already announced, the MD-Pro core will be reduced to the essentials and all the others modules and blocks will be available for separate installation.

The next versions will look lighter but will be better modularized and much easier to install and maintain.

SO, what's new in MD-Pro 1.0.7 final?

There are many and important new features, as already announced in previous news. You will find, especially those of you still using MD-Pro 1.0.6 or older versions, some nice surprises:

1)New editor. Now RTE is really a powerful editor, with new features.

We made a great work of code rewriting to answer your most demanding requests.

Now works with Explorer and Mozilla. We made a better improvement in image uploading .

Moreover, we added a file manager system so that you can manage file upload and file attachments to your news.

2) Added a new module: MDMenus, useful to create dynamic menus; We hope it will be one of the better appreciated feature of this new release

3) A new theme: nice, simple, light. It is really fast and gives a touch of elegance to the MD-Pro pages, thanks to CMSarea.com.

4) We included 2 new and nice themes, again from CMSarea.com

5) New icons: a touch of whimsy and gracefulness for MD-Pro.

6) We added new and powerful features with the latest version of AutoTheme,

now integrated in the core with a menu bar in the administration panel; here's a short list:

- Automatic use of images as block titles
- Customizable entry page of the site
- Configuration made more simple: now header, title, meta tag and customizable description for each page is available for search engine indexing
- Automatic change of the theme at given date or hours in a day for holidays or other important events
- Unlimited area number with separate configuration for each theme
- Maintaining page
- Customizable blocks and commands for each theme.

Of course there is a lot more, but we leave you the pleasure of discovering this latest release.

I should say thanks to a lot of people: our graphics; they have exceptionally interpreted and designed the need of elegance and essentiality of the layout of this new release; to our programmers: through a continuos and hard work of code control and code rewriting, were able to rethink the whole architecture of MD-Pro making it more usable and secure; to our documentation staff:

they have the difficult work to write and translate all the documents, manuals and FAQ giving us the ability to better communicate with you all.

But the final thanks goes to you all: with your feedback, with your appreciation and enthusiasm in using MD-Pro you give us the best reason to continue and make it even better.

TiMax and all MAXdev staff

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