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Announcements: The MaxDev Association: securing the future of MD-Pro  
Posted by: Shawn on Sunday, July 18, 2004 - 04:56 PM
TiMax says:

"From its inception, the MaxDev Project has had the growing interest of institutions, universities and other organizations in addition to single users. The very name of its product reflects that fact. The Pro in MD Pro stems from its use in many professional applications at these institutions and others, many overseen by MaxDev programmers, who thus have a personal interest in the quality of the program they continue to refine.
Quite naturally, the Maxdev Project enjoys support and contributions from many diverse sources, all intent on aiding in the support and continued development of MD Pro. This support includes donations, promotion, paid servers and more.

The staff at the Maxdev Project, from its leaders to its developers and other helpers, feel that the time is right to establish a not-for profit organization to formalize the structure of the project and assure its many supporters of the continued existence of it.
We are therefore proud to announce that the formative steps for this not-for-profit organization are underway. We have a commitment for the requisite funds from project members and the legal steps are being taken."
"The organization will be an international one, reflective of the diverse nature of the MaxDev Project itself. It will own and manage the assets and resources of the project as well as bolster the image and perceptions of the project to the world at large. We expect it may reduce any concerns regarding longevity to any institution considering adopting MD Pro for its own use. The assets of the organization will include maxdev.com, the English support site for MD Pro, the more than a dozen MD-Pro support sites in other languages, including maxdev.it, the Italian support site, maxdev.de, the German support site, dev.maxdev.net, the development site, the MDP CVS, mailing list, and other sundry resources, including openitalia.net, the Italian open source reference site with over 16.000 members.

The name of the organization will be announced when the legal formalities have been completed.

Anyone wishing to contribute funds to the organization should contact timax at maxdev.com.

For more details, please see Object of the association (coming soon)."

MAXdev Project Manager

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