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Announcements: MD-Pro 1.07 RC1 is out!  
Posted by: Shawn on Monday, July 12, 2004 - 05:15 PM
TiMax says:

"As we promised ten days ago, MaxDev's staff is proud to announce this latest stable release of its CMS.

This is not a final release. This is Release Candidate 1. A lot of you have asked us for this release to help us to debug it, so we have decided to release this version as a release candidate.
You can try it, test it and send us your report, suggestions, etc. so we can work to refine MDP 1.07

This is a release candidate version, but it is very stable and can be used on operating sites.by advanced users who can add minor fixes on their own."
"We have revised many files, maybe all of them, so we offer only a complete package and you must upload all files to upgrade.

There are a lot of important innovations and improvements as already announced in previous news (metti link alla news), but beyond the innovations, we had the time to prepare some new surprises for you :

1) New editor. Now RTE is a more powerful editor with new options and functionality, and is crossbrowser compatible with Firefox/Mozilla.

We have made a great job of rewriting code in response to the more demanding requests from our users.

2) We have included a new module to create dynamic menus. We hope this will be another of the more appreciated characteristics of this new CMS.

3) A new theme: simple, refined, light. It runs really fast and it gives a sense of elegance to the pages of MD Pro.

4) We have included also two new light and very nice themes.

5) New icons: they have been rethought in order to give a touch of grace, vivacity and whimsy to MDPro.

6) Powerful features with a brand new version of AutoTheme integrated into the core such as administration menu bar, automatically use images for block titles, custom site entry page, search engine friendliness with head content, title, meta tags and description customizable for each page, automatic theme changes by holidays, specific dates, times of the day, unlimited autoblocks configured seperately for each theme, custom blocks and commands configured for each theme.

I must give thanks to a lot of people: to our designers for their ability to interpret and enact the best possible combination of essential function and elegance in the layout of MD Pro; to our programmers who, through a continuous job of re-writing and refining the code, have rethought the architecture of MD Pro, making it still more reliable; to the staff who is charged with the job of documentation and translation without which we could not have adequate communication with all you.

Thanks finally to you all, who take part in our work with suggestions, encouragement and with always increasing enthusiasm."

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