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Perspectives: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  
Posted by: noiselesion on Saturday, May 29, 2004 - 02:14 PM
Ok...where has the year gone!? All kidding aside, it's great to have a day off from the ol' day-job! After all, who doesn't love long weekends? Unfortunately, most people only think of Memorial Day as another day off work; the true meaning is lost by many, and so, I'd like to take a few minutes to remind everyone just what Memorial Day is all about.

Memorial Day is a day to recognize and celebrate all those who've served and died for this great country, to give us the basic freedoms that many of us enjoy and take for granted today. We recognize this day for all those great people.
Memorial Day is an "all-inclusive" holiday for remembering those who served and sacrificed as a defender of this nation, to give us the basic freedoms we observe everyday. It's all-inclusive since the remembrance spans more than 225 years, more than 50 military actions...and claimed nearly 1.5 million lives.

These great people were our friends, our neighbors, our family, and we should not let their sacrifices be in vain by forgetting the meaning of their special day of remembrance. It matters not where one served, as GI's don't pick and choose their wars. It matters not that one died in the Civil War, Vietnam, WWI, WWII, or the Gulf War; no life is too insignificant to recognize ... to remember.

Everyone observes this day in their own personal way, and there's no "set in stone" way to pay your respects. A moment of silence is just as powerful and worthy as a parade or ceremony. It truly is the thought that counts. Please think of those great people this weekend, as you enjoy many of the freedoms that they've selflessly given to us.

Have a great weekend!

Note: Thanks bud! God bless America!

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