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PostJump 1.1 (formerly Redirect)  
Posted by: shawn on Thursday, December 12, 2002 - 04:09 AM
Quick and dirty module to redirect to a URL. Formerly called Redirect (Stupid Module). The previous version was so feature rich, what could I possibly add!

  • Changed name from Redirect to PostJump

  • Fixed JavaScript to work with Netscape 4x

  • Added PHP redirect (now PHP or JavaScript)

  • Added URL vars for url and redirect type (php or js)

  • Updated documentation

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Why in the hell do you need to do this in PostNuke? The only use that I have found is in setting a module as your start page and being able to pass it variables (example: PostWrap). Under PostNuke Administration, Settings, you can set your Start Page (The module, index.php is pointing to), but the modules are in a dropdown box and that doesn't allow variables to be passed to the module. Maybe you can find other uses?

Documentation is in docs/install.txt

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