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Posted by: Gattuso on Saturday, March 27, 2004 - 09:05 PM
Our two free themes, C-Blue & C-Rossonero, have been updated with some miscellaneous layout fixes. After many requests we have decided to make 100% width version of the C-Rossonero theme. Both versions are now available in our Download section.

Preview & Download at CMSarea.com
Further to many requests and e-mails that we receive everyday in connection with the CMSarea theme (the default theme on our site), we have made a commercial version thereof. This is our first commercial theme.

Two versions of this theme, each of them with a different header, are offered in one package. Our offer will be most interesting; each user who buys one version will get the remaining one as a gift. Every buyer will also be added to a special group within 24 hours with access to purchasers only, support and upgrade areas. We are thinking about permanent work on this theme which will have a lots of new options and new layouts.

More at CMSarea.com

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