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AutoTheme Beta 3!  
Posted by: shawn on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 - 05:23 AM
Bug fixes
Button Images
New customizable modules
RTL language support
New custom blocks
Updated documentation

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(Files needed to upgrade an existing AutoTheme to Beta 3. Only changed theme system files are included. Changed html templates and additional images are not included.)
  • removed requirement for $thename definition in theme.cfg (automatic now)

  • fixed custom blocks and block images not being displayed when collapsible blocks = on

  • added images for search button (if search.gif, jpg, png exists in images/)

  • added images for login button (if login.gif, jpg, png exists in images/)

  • added custom style sheet and logo image

  • added custom theme templates, colors, image, style sheet and block display based on module (in theme.cfg)

  • added [logo-image] command

  • added automatic right-to-left for arabic (no PN hacks needed!)

  • (let me know if there are other right-to-left langs - send PN lang abbreviation)
  • changed custom blocks and custom block title images (now custom block templates are defined in theme.cfg)

  • (the old way still works for this beta only - if you need custom block title images include them in the template)
  • updated documentation

Note: Next beta will hopefully include an administration module.

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