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Brand New AutoTheme Tutorial for Newbies!  
Posted by: noiselesion on Saturday, March 20, 2004 - 10:19 PM

"How Do I Work AutoTheme?" is a tutorial for newbies, non-techs and novices alike! It will teach you the fundamentals of AutoTheme and answer many of the questions you didn't even know to ask! Using the accompanying Tutorial Theme, you'll learn to build Custom Blocks and Modules, AutoBlocks, templates, and much more! Click the "read more" link for the table of contents.

The Tutorial isn't just a few quick paragraphs...it's a 15,000+ word document featuring tons of images, sections, codesnips, examples, insights, commentary, and even a theme to work on as you learn! Written for newbies...by a newbie! Check out my site for all the information at http://www.alarconcepts.com, and yes, that's the included Tutorial Theme on the site! See you there!

John Alarcon
john AT alarconcepts DOT com

Tutorial Version
Conventions Used In This Tutorial

Section 1 -- Uploading AutoTheme To Your Website
Section 2 -- Setting Up Your Website To Recognize And Use AutoTheme
Section 3 -- Testing The Installed AutoThemes
Section 4 -- Installing New AutoThemes
Section 5 -- Things To Understand About PostNuke
Section 6 -- Things To Understand About AutoTheme
Section 7 -- Things To Understand About Modules
Section 8 -- Creating Default Modules (pnHome, pnAdmin & pnUser only)
Section 9 -- Before Creating Custom Modules
Section 10 -- How To Create Custom Modules
Section 11 -- About Default Theme Colors
Section 12 -- Using Default HEAD Content
Section 13 -- Custom Blocks
Section 14A -- AUTOBLOCKS -- About Using AutoBlocks
Section 14B -- AUTOBLOCKS -- Creating Custom AutoBlock Positions
Section 14C -- AUTOBLOCKS --Setting Individual Styles To AutoBlock Positions
Section 14D -- AUTOBLOCKS -- Editing The Main Layout File (theme.html)
Section 14E -- AUTOBLOCKS -- Displaying AutoBlock-Positioned Blocks
Section 14F -- AUTOBLOCKS -- Recap
Section 15 -- Creating HTML Template Files For Blocks
Section 16A -- COMMANDS -- Things To Understand About Commands
Section 16B -- COMMANDS -- Using Commented Commands
Section 16C -- COMMANDS -- Using Color Commands
Section 16D -- COMMANDS -- Using Path Commands
Section 16E -- COMMANDS -- Viewing Commands
Section 16F -- COMMANDS -- List Of Available Commands
Section 17 -- About Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Section 18 -- Five Invaluable Quick Tips
Getting Additional Help
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Note: Written for AutoTheme 1.0, but should help with all versions. The cost for the tutorial is $5.00.

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