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Extras Subscription Poll  
Posted by: Shawn on Saturday, February 21, 2004 - 07:44 AM
O.K. so on the home page is my first poll in a long time. The next version of AutoTheme 1.7 and the new AT-Lite .8 have an extensive Extras (plug-in) capability. Extras that provide additional functionality can be easily added to your AutoTheme site with no configuration necessary, but can be customized via the admin if you wish.

So the Poll is to get a pulse for the interest in a low cost subscription service to help me dedicate time to cranking out these Extras and further extending AutoTheme faster than is possible by producing new versions of the entire module. Without the subscription service, I won't be able to provide these for the free AT-Lite and there will be far fewer for AutoTheme 1.x than if I had a subscription service.

I would release as many quality Extras per month as possible, and would guarantee at least 1 per month.

Some of the Extras already in the works are:

  • Custom site entry and/or login page

  • Favorite icons

  • Additional styles applied to pages, Modules and Blocks

  • Additional commands to be used in templates

  • * others based on subscriber requests

  • Vote now!

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