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wvDynamic Public Release  
Posted by: lobos on Wednesday, January 28, 2004 - 05:19 AM
Webvida ThemeWorks are happy to announce the public release of the wvDynamic mutiTheme.

Compatibility: Postnuke, MD-Pro, phpNuke, Envolution (Although we will always support the Envolution community you are advised to switch to MD-Pro or Postnuke as the Envo CMS sux).

This theme is 100% fluid and utilises some cool dynamic menus and stuff (be sure to check out the login register link ;)), all of which is easily modified in a config file :)

Although not very pretty (I based it on macromedia.com...), this theme does demonstrate the advanced abilities of Webvida ThemeWorks in designing CMS themes. We are at the cutting edge of CMS theme design and will always be one step ahead of the our competitors.

Webvida ThemeWorks :: Your Partner in CMS Theme Design.


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