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Themes: Webvida - Christmas Theme  
Posted by: lobos on Monday, December 01, 2003 - 02:39 AM
Lobos and his little elves have been busy at the south pole creating a new theme for the Christmas season. They are happy to anounce that wvMerryXmas is finished and ready for download! The theme is Multi-Platform and compatible with Postnuke, phpNuke, Envolution and MD-Pro.

It's been an eventful year with many troubles in the world so at the close of this year lets be thinking about making next year a bit better shall we? It is easy to feel small and useless in a world of so many, but remember it is said that a butterfly flapping it's wings in South America can cause a Hurricane in the Pacific...

Anyway the theme is free, think of it as an early Christmas present!

Preview: HERE
Download: Here :: you must register to download :)

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