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Themes: Designs4Nuke.com Releases 2 FREE Holiday Themes  
Posted by: vworld on Sunday, November 23, 2003 - 03:26 AM
The 2 holiday themes, d4nHolidayPassion and d4nPolarBear, released today by Designs4Nuke.com are colorful, whimsical, and easy to customize.

Read on to get desciptions and download link!
The first theme named d4nHolidayPassion, because of the purple in the theme, is whimsical and relies on CSS styles to create the color and formatting so your pages download quickly for your visitors. The theme's page layout is easy to use and follows the traditional three column display with a twist, the right side bar is wide enough to accommodate your "Google" advertisements. If you aren't participating in Google adwords yet then you should definitely start!

Preview d4nHolidayPassion Here

The second is called d4nPolarBear and you can guess it was inspired by the Polar Bear image used in the theme. This theme uses shades of gray with a punch of red in the link/title headings to make a strong impact on your site visitors.

Preview d4nPolarBear Here

Please note, the themes are FREE to use on your personal and business site. Designs4Nuke.com retains the copyright of all their themes and while we encourage you to use our themes you cannot redistribute our themes as part of any web archive, web downloads directory, media disk, catalog, or anything similar.

Finally the themes were created using a AT-Lite .6 for PostNuke.

Become a member of Designs4Nuke.com and get your copy from our downloads section today!
Note: Thanks Vanessa! These are easily converted to AT-Lite .7 so that they will run on any supported CMS.

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