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Themes: Webivda ThemeWorks New Release - wvCpanel  
Posted by: lobos on Thursday, November 20, 2003 - 12:36 AM
Webivda ThemeWorks is happy to announce the release of the wvCpanel CMS theme based on www.cpanel.net (all images created from scratch by Lobos).

This is a 100% width theme and it utilises all the features of AT-Lite 0.7. You can specify different blocks to appear with different modules e.g. you could have a block only appear when the downloads module is active!

Theme requires AT-Lite .7 - get it free at spidean.mckenzies.net, or AutoTheme 1.7.

Demo: www.iwebdesign.co.nz
Purchase and download: www.webvida.com

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