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I am getting ready to purchase AutoTheme for our church website. My issue is that I am also about to create a sub-domain for our youth with a separate instance of PostNuke. Both are on the same server and share the same domain. Can I use a single copy of Autotheme for both?

The commercial AutoTheme is licensed per installation, so if you have 2 installations of PostNuke you will need 2 installations of AutoTheme, therefore 2 licenses.

PostNuke and MD-Pro provide multi-sites, which allows you to run multiple sites on one install of PN or MD-Pro. This install only requires 1 Autotheme install, therefore only 1 license is required.

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We develop Web sites for clients and are looking at AutoTheme as a way to speed development of custom designs with a PHP-Nuke CMS. Is AutoTheme a development tool (used to create custom themes for any client) or a domain-specific translator of some sort that serves only one of our clients?

AutoTheme is both. AutoTheme is a module and is a tool to create very sophisticated custom themes using only graphics and HTML and also provides the ability to run these themes on your site and customize their display. Once installed, AutoTheme can be used to customize and run any other AutoTheme themes that you have designed, downloaded or purchased. AutoTheme themes are compatible across all supported platforms!

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I'm interested in purchasing AutoTheme for personal use. Can I use AutoTheme on a private development site to experiment with many themes before publish to my live site?

Yes, you may use 1 copy of AutoTheme on a private development server.

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Are AutoTheme Lite themes compatable with AT 1.x?

AT-Lite .7 themes do not work with AutoTheme 1.0, but they are fully compatible with AutoTheme 1.7 which is free for purchasers of AutoTheme 1.0.

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Can I use AutoTheme and still use my current custom themes or do I have to convert them to AutoTheme themes once AutoTheme is installed?

You can use AutoTheme and existing legacy themes for your platform. There is no need to convert or modify any other non-AutoTheme themes, however the non-AutoTheme themes will not take advantage of any of the features of AutoTheme.

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I installed a Linux server on my internal network. I now plan to put that server in my DMZ and create a website on it. I now use Autotheme1.7 on my internet site... www.shadowsnetwork.com. The new site will be http://portal.shadowsnetwork.com. Do I need to purchase an additional license for the portal site if I wish to use Autotheme?

You need 1 license for each installation of AutoTheme. So if you have 2 sites, each with their own installation of AutoTheme, then you need 2 licenses.

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Do I need to purchase a license for each site I am using AutoTheme on? I see you have discounts for multiple licenses so I am guessing the answer is yes. It would be a bit steep if I decide to roll out PN/AutoTheme on several of my own commercial, but not very profitable (yet) web sites.Thanks!

You are correct, however the volume discounts are very liberal and very affordable.

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I have used the free version of AutoTheme that I downloaded to convert some HTML templates I have made in the past into postnuke themes. Can I sell these themes or do I need a lisence?

If the themes are entirely yours, then yes you can sell them. If they were made using a purchased template or other restricted artwork then you need to consult the terms/license of the art/code. AutoTheme does not impose any restrictions.

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Do I need to purchase a separate version of Autotheme for PHPNUKE and OScommerce? Or is the same version?

Each version contains different code, so yes, you need one copy for each. Plus, a seperate license is needed for each site, so if you have 1 PHP-Nuke and 1 osCommerce, you need 2 licenses.

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Do the pay themes come with matching phpbb2 forums theme?

Please check the description of the theme. Some may provide this, some may not. They will surely advertise it if they do.

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Do you have AutoTheme available for osCommerce, specifically the CRE Loaded version? How do we obtain?

Yes, there is an osCommerce and CRE Loaded version. You select your platform on the purchase page.

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Can I use FrontPage to build my site using your themes ?

Yes, you can use FrontPage or any other HTML editor to edit the themes. AutoTheme also has a built-in WYSIWYG editor in the administration interface.

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