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What is AutoTheme?

AutoTheme is an HTML Theme System for many of the leading open source Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce shopping carts and Blog software. The current theme systems usually requires you to be somewhat familiar with PHP and the application architecture. If you are not very familiar with PHP and/or your application system, AutoTheme removes this complexity.

AutoTheme's primary benefit is providing users the ability to create themes in HTML using their favorite editor, with no use of PHP, as well as the availability of thousands of free and commercial themes for AutoTheme. In addition, AutoTheme provides easy customization of every part of your site; including block display, custom templates for the Home Page, User Pages and Admin Pages and individual modules and pages.

The addition of AutoBlocks provides unlimited locations for your blocks. All AutoTheme settings are easily configured from a graphical administration interface.

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What is the difference between AutoTheme Lite (AT-Lite) and the commercial AutoTheme 1.X?

AutoTheme 1.X is the cream of the crop and will be the theme system that receives the most development and support energy. AutoTheme 1.X provides enhanced features over AT-Lite, such as full page caching, WYSIWYG HTML editor, premium support and many Extras (plug-ins).

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What is the difference between AutoTheme Personal, Organizational and Professional?

  • Personal is for use on a personal non-commercial site owned or sponsored by an individual. Not for use on any site owned or sponsored by an organization, institution, group or business. Not for use on any site that sells any product or service or promotes any business or commercial product or service. (example of intended use: http://family.mckenzies.net)

  • Organizational is for use on a non-commercial site owned or sponsored by an individual, organization, institution or group. Not for use on any site that sells any product or service or promotes any business or commercial product or service. (examples of intended use: non-profit, free software downloads)
    Each license is for (1) site only. Discounts can be extended for multiple purchases.

  • Professional is for use on a commercial or non-commercial site. For use by an individual, organization, institution, group or business. (example of intended use: any site)

The newer versions that will mostly be free upgrades for registered purchasers will have some functional differences, such as multi-site support in the Professional version only. Please make sure and purchase the correct license.

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What type of support is offered for AutoTheme?

Purchasers of AutoTheme can expect stellar support from Spidean, as well as other proficient users that volunteer their time to help. Support is provided on anything from installation, to configuration and use, and even HTML and theme creation.

Check the support forum. Posts are generally answered on the day that they are posted. Many times within hours!

Support is also available via email, especially if files need to be inspected. If it comes down to it, we will also telnet, FTP, etc. to your site to check it out and resolve issues.

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Will AutoTheme upgrades cost me money?

All new minor versions (1.71, 1.8, etc...) will be free of charge to those who purchased earlier revisions of that version. Any major versions (2.0, 3.0, etc...) will be very deeply discounted (normally 50%) for those who purchased the previous version.

We definitely want to keep the purchasers happy and make sure they aren't spending money frequently for upgrades. Any and all bug fixes, patches or revisions to maintain compatibility with new versions of most platforms will always be free of charge.

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Can I upgrade from AT-Lite to AT 1.7 and retain my site configuration?

Yes, AutoTheme 1.7 can import AT-Lite .6, .7, .8 and AutoTheme 1.0 themes. Make sure to read the import instructions in the docs.

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If I buy an AutoTheme license and I change the CMS of my web site, will I be able to use AutoTheme under the same license?

No. The licenses are platform specific. We suggest that you evaluate your platform options prior to purchasing AutoTheme.

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What themes are compatible with AutoTheme?

All AutoTheme themes are compatible with AutoTheme on ANY of the supported platforms. Native themes/templates on the various platform will continue to work with AutoTheme installed, however the original/native themes will not take advantage of the features of AutoTheme.

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