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Help for SpideanGallery version 1.5.8

$Id: README 3848 2003-09-01 20:02:52Z alindeman $

Gallery is now distributed with new documentation, available in the
docs/ directory of this distribution (won't be present in CVS
versions). To view the documentation, navigate to:

(replacing with the real path).

The docs will give you information on how to install, administer, and
upgrade Gallery. Check there first if you have any problems!

You can also view the most up-to-date docs directly on the Gallery website:

In these docs, you can also add user notes to the docs, to expand on
the documentation. If you find an error or think a section of the
docs needs clarification, you can add a note.


You should check the Gallery website often for notices of new Gallery
versions and security updates. We *highly* recommend subscribing to
the gallery-announce mailing list. This is extremely low-traffic, but
will provide you with announcements of new Gallery versions. You can
subscribe at this URL:

See all the available mailing lists here:

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