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Change Log for SpideanForums version 1.81


===* 1.8 version *===

1.7 to 1.8 (20/05/2002)

- SQL Abstraction OK
- SQL queries array->object OK
- Add "messages of the day" OK
- Choice between global time (all the forum) or user time (as now) OK
- Possibility to receive a mail for all messages posted OK
- Quick Navigation Jumper created OK
- BBCode "code" OK
- Edition by moderator Bug Fixed OK
- Sig bug fixed OK
- PageUp PageDown OK
- Admin stars in paratmeter OK
- More Smilleys link in post OK
- Width and Height of images in Sig param OK
- Path Avatars OK
- Word censor Bug fixed OK
- print.php bug fixed OK
- Fix bug in url dans print.php (submit by tormi) OK
- Target Bug in viewthread OK
- Security bug (javascript possible) in BBcode OK
- ASC/DESC posts order in viewthread.php OK
- Fixed @ symbol in gmdate (viewthread.php) (submit by rowland) OK
- Fix bug in "last message" icon (submit by manali) OK
- Security fix in post.edit.php (submit by) OK
- SQL optimisations on lastpost requests OK
- XForum Block - Posts and Threads together- private forum exclusion OK
- stats config parameters OK
- rewrite of SQL requests in search (search.php) OK
- Fixed bug "search user messages" button OK
- Fixed bug in member.php (stars display) OK
- Top users in stats.php OK

===* 1.7 version *===

1.6 to 1.7 (17/03/2002)

PostNuke 0.71 compatibility

===* 1.6 version *===

1.51 to 1.6 (03/03/2002)

1) Hardcoded deleted: Now you can install in every directory you want.
2) Multisite. You can install more than one XForum forum in one website.
3) Debug code in header.php
4) Environment var bug fixed
5) no php sessions support needed in this version (0.71 compatibility in the future)
6) Catala Support
7) cosmetic: Javascript on mouseover
8) cosmetic: BB icons text javascript enhanced (erianor)
9) Edit button only for the owner of the post
10) "\" bug fixed when editing messages

1.6 version is the distribution on which complete integration will be built.

===* 1.51 version *===

1.50B0 to 1.51 (20/02/2002)

1) Important SQL optimisation (we now have index in Database)
2) synchronization optimisation. (only one script "index").
Better connections. This fix the bug we saw with XForum Postnuke blocs.
3) Using now sessions in header.php
4) Small bugs and HTML templates fixed.
5) Localization of buttons (french/english and others)
6) More languages : Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Serbian,
Russian, Slovak et Spanish...

===* 1.5 version *===

1.0 B3 to 1.5B0 (03/12/2001)

1) PostNuke 0.7 (Rogue) Compatibility

===* 1.0 version *===

Beta.2 to 1.0B3 (21/11/2001)

1) Stats bug fixed (division by zero).
2) Some important Fixes in Private system acces (perhap's not all ?).
3) "Report Post" fixed now by email.
4) "Delete theme" bug fixed.
5) Bug in viewthread.php template Fixed.
6) Member List is now complete. (Fixed)
7) a few SQL Optimizations.
8) Hide or Not Nuke header and footer.
9) New translation system. The same as PostNuke (with define function).
10) New print.php script.
11) Posts and threads Syndication. XForumrdf.php script in root.

Beta.1 to Beta.2 (12/10/2001)

1) More speed because of optimization of the synchronization.
2) Theme bug fixed (Nuke/XForum) because of common var $theme.
3) Now themes can be set in default mode (theme with colors from Nuke Theme).
4) Stats Bug Fixed.
5) Improve Stats scripts.
6) Direct Thread access frommain page. ( as in vBulletin)
7) Sig Bug Fixed
8) Improving Members list (ranking)
9) Slovak, German and Polish language support added

Alpha.1 to Alpha.2

1) Corrected Bug when register or modify admins in Nuke Admin Interface.
2) Corrected Bug of install.php script (security: you can only execute it with admin rights).
3) Redirection of Registering Links on Nuke user.php script.
Modif in files: functions.php, post.php, member.php, misc.php, header.php .
4) Somme corrections in French Language file.

Alpha.2 to Alpha.3
1) double authentification removed.
2) HTML layout (bugs in tags) fixed.
3) Register link nox directly in Nuke register link.
4) removing of the security hole in install (only admin now)

Alpha 4 (Only postnuke)
1) Mise en conformité PostNuke 0.63

Beta 0
1) PostNuke compliant module (except name)
2) Bug of Unix timeStamp>1 billion corrected by XMB version 1.1
3) New install script (which permit upgrade, install, uninstall)


1) XMB pure stuff :
2) XForum Module : - Use the forum inside this website
3) FAQ in

Thanks to make me all remarks about this script in Forum ( I can't answer by mail.


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